Approved Pickleball Paddles

Effective immediately, the Villages Pickleball Club board has elected to implement the Sun City Grand approved Pickleball Paddle ratings. We feel it is important we to act proactively to show our fellow residents we hear their concerns and want to be the best possible neighbors. A link to the current list is here, and is also posted at the bottom of this page. NOTE – the link will always reflect the most recent ratings! I only know about updates when Sun City emails me.

If you purchase a paddle from Pickleball Central, make sure to use our discount code – CRVCA! You will receive a 5% discount and our club receives an annual 5% credit toward purchasing of needed supplies.

In an effort to reduce the recreational noise caused by the game of Pickleball, we investigated the best ways to reduce noise when playing Pickleball. We found that virtually all Pickleball Paddles manufacturers are working with the Sun City Grand Board of Directors (located in Surprise, Arizona). They contracted with a sound study company to determine which paddles create sound at a decibel that some residents living in the area found unacceptable. The goal is to avoid noise that may disturb some of the residents in the general vicinity.

In addition to the sound study performed by an independent company, the Sun City Grand Pickleball Club provided assistance by testing the most commonly used paddles, creating the attached document so those playing the game or thinking of playing the game would know what paddles should be purchased in the future.

  • Contained in the document is a chart sorted into Green and Red Zones:
    Green Zones – These paddles fall within acceptable noise levels and are approved for use on the Villages Pickleball Courts.  If you are looking to buy a new paddle, you will be safe to choose a paddle from this zone.
    Red Zone – Members utilizing non-approved paddles will be strongly encouraged to replace them. Any new paddles must conform to the approved list. Please help us to keep all our neighbors happy!
  • The second document lists the paddles in the order of quietest first, if you are looking to have one of the quieter paddles. This was requested by some players