Pickle Up! Training in July

Pickle Up!

It is time for our second annual Pickle Up! It will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 16 – August 1, 6-8PM on tennis courts #5 and #6.

Joe Spada is organizing this comprehensive six session introduction to pickleball. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn about pickleball, practice what you learn and meet people to play with.

Session 1 – July 16: Introduction, Equipment, Serve and volley drills
Session 2 – July 18: Rules of the game, Serve and volley drills
Session 3 – July 23: Strokes Part 1, Play games
Session 4 – July 25: Strokes Part 2, Play games
Session 5 – July 30: Basic strategies, Play games
Session 6 – Aug 1: Mental game, Court Etiquette, Court scheduling, Resources, Play!

This is a FREE event! Sign up to reserve your spot.

Welcome to the New Club Leadership

Larry Martinson was elected President of the Pickleball Club at the General Membership meeting held April 7, 2019 at 4:30pm in the Foothill Center.  The entire slate of officers and committee chairs are listed here.

Larry’s remarks to the Club:

As the new President of the Pickleball club for 2019-20, I thank you for being a member of such a fun club. We truly are more social than any other athletic club in the Villages as far as I am concerned and we want to keep it that way. To play pickleball is to have FUN. 
Thank you also for voting in my new board and appointed positions. With out all of you, our club would not be possible. Let’s have a fantastic year with hopes of having our own courts built by this time next year. See my goals for the club attached.
Larry Martinson

Pickleball Club Goals


  1. Maintain an active vibrant Club and grow the membership by 35 members. Ginny Spencer membership.  
  2. Achieve a successful community vote on the project to build new courts in 2020. Garry Grey
  3. Continue to raise funds via EVF to build the courts. Garry
  4. Have 2nd annual Pickle UP July 16-Aug. 1, 2019. Joe Spada
  5. Continue to support our Pickleball Web Site. David Cook
  6. Continue to have club fundraising projects. Anahid Gregg
  7. Have Pickleball Club articles in every edition of the Villager. Linda Eige
  8. Hold three fun and successful tournaments. Sheryl Ruth
  9. Have our 2nd annual Holiday Club members party in the Clubhouse. Robyn/Sheryl new Social Co-Chairs
  10. Maintain our borrowed 5 & 6 tennis courts. Frank Houghton

Finding Pickleball Play Times

There is an additional resource on the website now for finding days and times to play – Joe Spada’s List.  Look under the “Play Times” menu  Play Times/Organized Play Dates/Times/Sponsors

Note that several groups are “Invitation Only” which means don’t show up and expect to get to play – Check with the group organizer in advance to find out if there are open slots – many of these are just small groups of friends and don’t intend to expand.

Pickleball Ambassadors Visit the Villages, Friday, Feb. 15th!

Michael and Princess Leong, USAPA Pickleball Ambassadors for San Jose and the East Bay, will be visiting the Villages Pickleball Courts at 1pm, on Friday, February 15th.  Everyone is welcome to come and meet them, get the latest local and national news on Pickleball, and perhaps play some games.

Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area they have applied to represent. They may be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite is a love of the sport and the desire to share our game with others of all ages. Some full-time RV’ers are Ambassadors ‘at large’ who promote our sport during their travels.

For more information about USAPA and the ambassador program:  https://www.usapa.org/usapa-ambassadors/

Great Time at the 2019 Pickleball New Year’s Holiday Dinner

A great time was had by all!  Thank to Trish O’Neil and Robyn Siebenthall with assistance from David Cook, Sheryl Ruth, Ginny Spencer and Anahid Gregg.

Check out the photos in our Photo Gallery and Garry Gray’s Opening Remarks recounting the many Pickleball Club accomplishments in 2018!

Pickleball Shirts and Accessories!

Due to popular demand, The Villages Pickleball Club is taking another round of ordering for Pickleball Shirts – AND we’ve added some Club accessories!

Date Extended – All orders must be placed by March 18th!! After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the items ordered and the amount due. 

Check it out!

New Pickleball Court Reservation Sign-up Rules – Effective 1Feb 2019

Effective February 1, 2019 Pickleball will be able to sign up at the shack 7 days plus 90 minutes. The TC Board met January 22nd and voted unanimously for the change you see below.

When signing up to play Pickleball on courts 5 and 6, you may sign up 7 days plus 90 minutes in advance. Effectively, if you play at regular times, you can sign up at the end of your session for the following week. 

Example:  If you plan to play pickleball on Friday, February 8th, at 10:30 am the soonest you could sign up is February 1st at 12 pm.   To play on February 15th at 10:30 you would sign up on February 8th at 12 pm. (90 minutes after your scheduled play time).

  It’s always 7 days plus 90 minutes after your scheduled play time. 

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Scheduling Courts 5 & 6 for Pickleball

To make sure you use the Pickleball Scheduler correctly (and also reserve the courts using the Tennis Court clipboards), please read the procedure on the web page Pickleball Scheduler [Will be updated to reflect the new advance reservation rule on February 1, 2019]

Please make sure you do not sign up more than five days in advance for Pickleball courts in the Tennis Shack. [Changes to seven days and 90 minutes in advance on February 1, 2019]
Also, please observe “court etiquette” and do not enter a Tennis Court until tennis players have completed their game.

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The Villages High Twelve supports building Pickleball Courts!

The Villages High Twelve supports building Pickleball Courts! Building dedicated Pickleball courts is an important project for all Villagers.  As seniors look to move to retirement communities, Pickleball is now the number 1 amenity they seek.  These courts will increase the value of everyone’s investment in the Villages.  Pickleball also provides health benefits for seniors. It is a low impact, low risk activity that improves balance and agility while giving a great cardio workout. Just as important, it is loads of fun which is great for everyone’s mood.

Recognizing this, The Villages High Twelve has made their third pledge to help fund the project.  High Twelve generously pledged to give $1000 to The Evergreen Villages Foundation for the Pickleball project.  This pledge brings  their total pledges to $2,000.  We all greatly appreciate the support we have received from High Twelve and the Evergreen Villages Foundation to help make this project a reality.

Court Scheduling Rules

Hi All,
There has been a misunderstanding concerning the process of reserving courts 5 and 6 for Pickleball play.  The rules proposed by the Joint Tennis Club and Pickleball Club Court Committee  and approved by the Tennis Club Board are as follows:
Courts: Use courts 5 and 6 only
Court time: 10:30 am and later
Court time sign up: PB players can sign up for court time in the tennis shack using same process as tennis players.  PB players will indicate they will be playing PB by putting PB after their name. PB court sign up may occur 5 days in advance.
Due to some confusion, pickleball players have been signing up 7 days in advance.  The rule is 5 days in advance!  Please adhere to this process.
Garry Gray