Thank You, Sherry and Robyn!

What could be more fun than getting 40 pickle ball players out on a sunny day for a team tournament?!!! We really enjoyed setting up the play. It started with a very competitive captain’s draft featuring Mike Walias, Mark Greg, Alex Shtarker, and Norm Krishna. Congratulations to Mike’s team (yellow) coming in 1st and Alex’s team coming in 2nd … good competitive games from everyone.

Special thanks to Frank Houghton, our A #1 court manager, and his crew who taped the courts for play. And, to Sandy Mausling who handled check-in. And, to Dennis Cullen, our master scorekeeper. And, to Robyn for a great job with the courtside refreshments. And, to David Cook who set up our registration and sent out countless emails. You are all the best!

Can I say that pickle ball players are the friendliest group? We enjoyed meeting new members and they felt warmly received by all. Can’t wait until the next tournament!

Sherry & Robyn

April will be Busy! Annual Meeting & Tournament

The Pickleball Club will be having a very busy weekend April 6th and 7th. Saturday, April 6th will be a team pickleball tournament. Each team will play men’s, women’s and mixed doubles. Thanks to the tennis club we will be using all tennis courts.

On Sunday, April 7th the club will have it’s annual meeting at the Foothill Center. We will begin with a potluck of heavy appetizers and desserts followed by the election of our new officers and short overview of this past year and the year to come. This event will begin at 4:30pm.

We hope to see all members at both events. More information will follow as we get closer to “Pickleball Weekend”. Don’t know much about pickleball? Interested? Come watch our FUN tournament and meet our friendly members. Check out our website   See you on the courts!

Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ coach – Big on Pickleball

“In three to four years, pickleball will be bigger than golf and it won’t even be close,” Haney said. (We didn’t fact check that claim, but the 100-plus pickleball courts at The Villages, America’s largest retirement community, are a sure indicator that the game is enjoying a Golden Age.) “If you have a retirement community in the U.S. and you don’t have a pickleball court, you might as well be out of business.”

Here’s why Hank Haney was at the PGA Show preaching the gospel of… pickleball?