Membership List

If you want to see additional information about a member (e.g. like their contact information to set up a game) then click on their first name.  To see their information you must supply the club password supplied to you when you joined.  If you have mislaid it, then please send an email to David Cook or Ginny Spencer and we will send you the password.

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First NameLast NameHouse #Active Player?Rank?Mailing List
Igor Alexandrow 7605 No yes
Prema Anand 8456 Yes yes
Kathi Ashby 7364 Yes yes
Leslie Bailey 9022 Yes yes
Rajnikant Bakhda 2011 Yes Beginner yes
Penny Barcellos 7321 Yes Novice yes
Maria Bardach 5357 Yes yes
Annie Bassford 8485 No yes
Sherry Benz 8659 No yes
Tony Berg 3108 Maggiore Ct No Beginner yes
Jim Beyer 5513 No yes
Anna Biggs 7947 No yes
Wayne Bodamer 8826 Yes yes
Kathy Bodamer 8826 Yes yes
Sam Brown 8102 Yes yes
Vivian Brown 8313 Yes yes
Sonia Bui 6111 Montgomery Ct, San Jose, Ca95135 No yes
Joann Bundgard 7013 No yes
Janet Buonocore 7401 No yes
Tamara Chin 2004 Yes yes
David L Cook 6304 Yes Intermediate yes
Terry Corchero 6338 No yes
Tom Corchero 6338 No yes
Dennis Cullen 8659 No yes
Jay Desai 6278 Yes yes
Bill DeVencenzi 9012 Yes yes
Larry Dillon 6081 Yes yes
Marie Dillon 6081 Yes yes
Melinda Dobbs 3211 Yes yes
Kathy Dombrowski 8019 No yes
Brian Dombrowski 8019 No yes
Sadna Dutt 7040 No yes
Mira Dytko 8402 Yes yes
Tom Dytko 8402 Yes yes
Jan Ehrhardt 7575 No yes
Linda Eige 7696 Yes Novice yes
Jeanne Eige 8022 Yes Beginner yes
Bonnie Evans 7137 Yes yes
Judi Falarski 8709 Yes yes
Mike Falarski 8709 Yes Intermediate yes
Diane Finley 7518 No yes
Bob Flesher 5568 Yes yes
Regina Franssen 6236 Yes Beginner yes
Felipe Frocht 8488 Yes yes
Linda Frocht 8488 Yes yes
Brooks Fuller 2072 Yes yes
Liz Giarratana 6101 Yes yes
Steve Gilbert 8374 Yes Novice yes
Jerry Gililland 8506 Yes Beginner yes
Donna Gilmour 6325 No yes