Pickleball Club vs Bocce Club – Pickleball’s Revenge!


Revenge is SWEET!!! Another “just for fun” Pickleball Club/Bocce Club tournament took place on Sunday, September 9th at tennis courts 5 & 6. This time we all played pickleball and the Pickleball Club got the win. The final score for this tournament was 23 to 7.


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Scheduling Courts 5 & 6 for Pickleball

To make sure you use the Pickleball Scheduler correctly (and also reserve the courts using the Tennis Court clipboards), please read the procedure on the web page Pickleball Scheduler [Will be updated to reflect the new advance reservation rule on February 1, 2019]

Please make sure you do not sign up more than five days in advance for Pickleball courts in the Tennis Shack. [Changes to seven days and 90 minutes in advance on February 1, 2019]
Also, please observe “court etiquette” and do not enter a Tennis Court until tennis players have completed their game.

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Support Pickleball, Support the Evergreen Villages Foundation !

Hello fellow P.B. members,
We are on our way to build our own Pickle Ball courts on the left side of the entrance to the Villages. The exact cost is yet to be determined. EVF board and the Club board recently approved $50K for soil, storm drainage and sound tests.
The foundation has been matching each donation received that is designated to the Pickle Ball project. The total is now over $100K. Obviously we need more and it wouldn’t it be fabulous if we had a donor that would pay a substantial part of the project so it would be easier to get a majority vote from the Villagers? Are you that Villager? We do need to be proactive to make sure that if there is a vote, it will be a positive result. A club board approved Ad Hoc committee is being formed by Aug. 1, to work together for that purpose.
To start the pickle ball rolling on developing this new “Lifestyle Amenity” and PB Awareness project, wouldn’t it be nice to have every Pickle Ball club member be a EVF Sustaining Donor supporting PB? We are seeking 100% participation and you can donate as little as $5 per month (less than the cost of a cup of coffee).  Wouldn’t it be great if all 100+ members donated $25 per month X 12 months = $30,000 designated for the PB project matched by EVF, that would create $60,000 a year? So, we are asking each member to commit to an amount that you are comfortable with for a tax deductible donation to show your fellow Villagers that you support the new PB courts 100%. 
Be a part of this great Pickle Ball facility project by writing a donation check to EVF or simply fill out the attached EVF form designating the Pickle Ball project. We thank you for your united support!

Larry Martinson PB Courts Fundraising Chairman
Pickleball Sustaining donor form:
Pickleball One time donation form:

Pickleball/Bocce Interclub Tournament – 5August2018

Pickleball/Bocce Tournament Photos

On Sunday, August 5th the Pickleball Club was ambushed by a friendly, fun loving group of Bocce Club members.  Over 40 Villagers from both clubs gathered at the Bocce courts for a “just for fun” Bocce tournament.  The Bocce Club won 9 out of 10 games but everyone had a great time and made many new friends.  Wonderful food and drink were provided by the Bocce Club.  We appreciate all their hard work.  Guess what?  Next month the Bocce Club will be playing pickleball….maybe we can get even?????

 The Pickleball/Bocce Exchange Tournament will take place on Sunday, September 9th at tennis courts 5 and 6 from 3-6pm.  Hope members of both clubs will once again turn out for another fun event.  If you are a member of either club and have not signed up you may do so on the Pickleball Club or Bocce Club websites. Please do so by August 30th.  The event is free for all who participate.  A big thank you goes to Bob Iacopi for organizing these tournaments!

Pickleball Shirt new orders closed, existing orders being processed

The order window is closed.  Those with shirts on order will be contacted when the shirts arrive.

If you have any questions feel free to email and ask anahid.villages@gmail.com

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