Spring Fling Pickleball Tournament Results

[Villager article by Terry Holmquist]

On a blistering hot day, thirty eight players turned out to heat up the courts even more.  

The annual Spring Fling was held at 1:00 PM, June 3rd on the tennis courts.   Audience and participants called it a resounding success.   We had plenty of wonderful snacks with water and Gatorade to cool everyone down and supply the players with energy.    

In spirit of the spring theme we had three divisions, Cosmos, Adonis and Protea, named for varieties of flowers.  The division winners were:


                First Place:  Larry Martinson and Trish O’Neill

                Second:      Charlie Bougapoulis and Sherry Benz

                Third:          Frank Houghton and Anna Hewitt


             First Place:    Leo Ruth and Sheryl Ruth

             Second:           John Stratakos and Dennis Cullen

             Third:              Ralph Lentz and Melinda Dobbs


            First Place:   Norm Krishna and Alex Shtarker

            Second:         Mark Gregg and Anahid Gregg

            Third:            Mike Walias and Dave Roberts

Slideshow by Terry Holmquist 

The Pickleball Club would like to acknowledge the Tennis Clubs help in their growth and development by allowing use of the tennis courts.  Hopefully we will see dedicated Picklleball courts in the not too distant future. Debbie Champion, Club Board President,  came to find out first hand what’s with all the “Pickleball fuss”.  She said she was amazed at the amount of participation and camaraderie.

Ana Hewitt & Frank Houghton vs. Mike and Judy Falarski


Terry and Gary Holmquist


Larry Miller and Trish O’Neill


Frank Houghton

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