Pickleball/Bocce Interclub Tournament – 5August2018

Pickleball/Bocce Tournament Photos

On Sunday, August 5th the Pickleball Club was ambushed by a friendly, fun loving group of Bocce Club members.  Over 40 Villagers from both clubs gathered at the Bocce courts for a “just for fun” Bocce tournament.  The Bocce Club won 9 out of 10 games but everyone had a great time and made many new friends.  Wonderful food and drink were provided by the Bocce Club.  We appreciate all their hard work.  Guess what?  Next month the Bocce Club will be playing pickleball….maybe we can get even?????

 The Pickleball/Bocce Exchange Tournament will take place on Sunday, September 9th at tennis courts 5 and 6 from 3-6pm.  Hope members of both clubs will once again turn out for another fun event.  If you are a member of either club and have not signed up you may do so on the Pickleball Club or Bocce Club websites. Please do so by August 30th.  The event is free for all who participate.  A big thank you goes to Bob Iacopi for organizing these tournaments!

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