New Pickleball Court Reservation Sign-up Rules – Effective 1Feb 2019

Effective February 1, 2019 Pickleball will be able to sign up at the shack 7 days plus 90 minutes. The TC Board met January 22nd and voted unanimously for the change you see below.

When signing up to play Pickleball on courts 5 and 6, you may sign up 7 days plus 90 minutes in advance. Effectively, if you play at regular times, you can sign up at the end of your session for the following week. 

Example:  If you plan to play pickleball on Friday, February 8th, at 10:30 am the soonest you could sign up is February 1st at 12 pm.   To play on February 15th at 10:30 you would sign up on February 8th at 12 pm. (90 minutes after your scheduled play time).

  It’s always 7 days plus 90 minutes after your scheduled play time. 


You play on Monday at 10:30. To play the same time (10:30) the following Monday you sign up at 12 pm for that 10:30 slot.  7 days plus 90 minutes.  

Pickleball is played on courts 5 and 6 and play begins at 10:30 and later.

The joint Pickleball / Tennis committee has been working together on rules and usage for almost 4 years.   We strive to be thoughtful and fair in our discussions and recommendations.

Pickleball has asked for equal sign-up time.  Our joint solution will continue to give tennis players the ability to sign up before pickleball.  It allows pickleball players the ability to sign up after their session and not have to come back 2 days later as they are presently doing.

Joint Committee Members:  Dolores Escobar, Gordon Knapp, Phyllis Seeger, Garry Gray, Steve Williams, Mike Walias.


Phyllis Seeger

Garry Gray

Anahid Gregg


Scheduling Process for Courts 5 & 6


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