PB Singles – Find a Partner to Play With

Are you looking for someone to play with? Due to popular demand, we’ve created an excel spreadsheet where you can enter your name, phone number, level and available play time.

PB Singles – Find a Partner to Play With 

Please make sure to follow The Villages guidelines we’ve sent out; we do not want to lose our access to playing. The full regulations are here. Do you still need balls? Please fill in this form, complete information is available there. Remember – you must use approved balls & paddles per the San Jose Planning Committee.

  1. Sign-up on the Pickleball Scheduler. Please make sure include ALL players names.
  2. Only those listed are allowed on the courts, no spectators.  
  3. Please make sure to stay at least six feet apart at all times – do not congregate at the net or side of court in between games. 
  4. Please leave after the first hour of your reservation, and do not arrive early.
    Example: Reserved at 10:30, only play between 10:30 and 11:30, leave promptly at 11:30.This is NOT a reservation system! You still have to sign up on the Pickleball Scheduler! It’s simply a method for you to find other players. List your information, then contact others to set up time to play.Please do not edit other users information. Thank you! Questions? Respond to this email. 

One thought on “PB Singles – Find a Partner to Play With”

  1. How in the heck do I add my info to the list of players looking for partners? I really want to get out on our new courts!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for any assistance!

    I believe I am level 3 and available most times.

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