April Fools: PIckleball Courts to be Reduced in Size

In order to comply with a mandate issued by the CaliforniaPickleball Association, all pickleball courts in California, including The Villages, will be reduced in court size by fifty percent by the May 1 deadline. The number of our courts will remain the same.

The impetus for the requirement to cut the size of the courts was to provide recreational spaces for less strenuous exercise for seniors. Mini-pickleball has quickly grown in popularity because it requires significantly less effort and exertion by its players. In doubles matches, the most common form of the game, only an abbreviated swing is required to reach a ball on the smaller courts. The racquet, rules, balls and net height remain unchanged in the updated version of the game.

The mandate follows the successful implementation of the change in other states like Oregon, North Dakota, Arizona, Alabama, Idaho, Montana, Florida and West Virginia that resulted in more seniors on the courts.

“Mini-pickleball is on the rise, faster than the original game,” said April Primis, president of the Pickleball Association of North America (PANA). “It opens the game up to more players because there isn’t much movement required.”

Pickleball instructors are also on board with the smaller-sized courts. “We’ll definitely see an uptick in the number of people that want to learn the updated game because the lessened physicality provides a way for even couch potatoes to enjoy it,” said Ima Joquin, Northern California Pickleball Ambassador and instructor.

The Villages currently has four pickleball courts which will meet next month’s required size modifications or close until they are able to do so. The number of courts will not be affected. Click “MORE” for additional important details.

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