How to use the Court Rollers when it rains

With the return of rain, we want to remind people how to use our rollers, which are hung on the parking lot side of the courts.Prior to purchasing rollers (as opposed to squeegees), we did a lot of research, speaking to tennis clubs, AVAC and Stanford. Rollers are more effective than squeegees if used properly. Ken DeHart made an excellent video that takes less than 90 seconds to watch and learn how to become expert at the technique!

We purchased top of the line rollers, but there are a few things to note:

  • Never roll them back and forth, that will not remove the puddles, always use them in the circular pattern shown in the video.
  • Never step on a roller to remove the water, it damages it and actually reduces effectivity.

Please make sure the courts are not slippery before beginning play to avoid injury!

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