2022 Spring Fling Tournament Results

What a great weekend! We had six different divisions with 44 participants, and the results are in!

Tournament Director Sheryl Ruth did her usual excellent job with the assistance of her able tournament team – Kathy Dombrowski, Sherry Benz and Joyce Kludt. And then we have the muscle team – Steve Simler, Stan Evert and Brian Dombrowski set up the area – and then tore it all down again. Liz Kung organized the wonder women who helped both days with food & drink: Michelle Prest, Margaret Lam, Linda Wong, Yaming Wang and Elysia Ng. MJ O’Neill and Anahid Gregg handled tournament check-in and score keeping.

But the stars of the day were all those who registered to play. And a special thanks to those who stepped in and filled in at the last minute.  A couple of divisions were a little lean, so hopefully next tournament we’ll have more people participating, allowing ever better competition. But a fun time was had by all!

Complete Women’s Results
Intermediate Women:
1st – Mary Ringel & Claire Hindergardt
2nd – Nancy Yanez & Regina Franssen
3rd – Shirin Shirazi & Terry Holmquist

Advanced Intermediate Women:
1st – Donna Quartaro & Kelly Murphy
2nd – Ling Yamaki & Lillian Qin
3rd – Julie Henig & Tina Parsley

Advanced Women:
1st – Peggy Seidel & Sherry Benz/Phyllis Seeger
2nd – Sheryl Ruth & Gail Tuft
3rd – Gail Keck & Kim Silverman

Complete Men’s Results
Intermediate Men:
1st – Dari Tarabini & Steve Yang
2nd – Larry Martinson & Gerhard Ringel
3rd – George Ringer & Bob Shuck/Jim Valenti

Advanced Intermediate Men:
1st – Bob Flseher & Brian Dombrowski
2nd – Paul Magruder & Marty Funcell
3rd – Bob Iacopi & Brooks Fuller

Advanced Men:
1st – Alex Shtarker & Anatoly Yurtsev
2nd – Reggie Smith & Peter Conk
3rd – Kevin Prest & Ali Goksel