Meet Ginny Spencer, plus see how serves can improve your game!

Do you know Ginny Spencer? She’s our multi-talented  Secretary/Membership Chair, who also runs the Intermediate Instructional Play on Thursday mornings!

Pickleball Serves can improve your game! Please note, we received a clarification from the USA Pickleball Director of Tournaments concerning drop serves after this story went to press.
Question: “Can you release the ball when your hand is moving upwards “?
Answer: “That is illegal. The ball must come to a complete stop and then be dropped. We actually teach our referees to watch for “stop and drop”. The server will probably say, “What’s the big deal? I’m not gaining any advantage using this!”  That is true – in this case.  But how much of that small lift/little toss is ok?  We have no way of quantifying how much (or little) of a subtle toss is ok for every player, so we hold a very tight line on this.  How much is OK?  None.”

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