Pickleball Monitors are now “Designated Participants”

Effective Today, August 24, 2020

In the latest innovation to meet County Health regulations while utilizing club volunteers, all the court sports – Pickleball, Tennis, and Bocce are today switching from volunteer “monitors” to volunteers who are “designated participants” for each play time slot.  

A little extra paperwork and some new obligations to our volunteers – please thank them for volunteering so all of us can play.

More details about the rules and procedures here


Villages Pickleball Groundbreaking – August 7, 2020

Current and Past Club Presidents:  Bill Pomeranz, Steve Williams, Larry Martinson, Nancy Keane, Garry Gray

Current and Past Presidents and Pickleball Ad Hoc Committee Members Bev Poellot and David Cook (other Committee members not pictured – Anahid Gregg, Mike Falarski, Ken Brooks, Howie Blumstein)

New PIckleball Court Scheduler

The Villages Pickleball Club will be using an online reservation system from YourCourts.com that is going live on Thursday, August 13th. Your account has been created, using your email address as your login and “Villager” as your password. You will be required to change your password the first time you log into the system. 

NOTE: All signups done in the current system this week will be transferred to YourCourts.com.  Do not sign up using YourCourts prior to Thursday! 

All signup restrictions previously announced are in place effective for any reservations made for Monday, August 17th and later.

  • Players can only play once per day.
  • Players can only play 5 times per week.
  • Players can only have 3 active reservations (regardless of whether you make the reservation or someone lists you as a player).

Example: If you are playing Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, you will not be able to play (or be listed on a reservation) until after you play on Monday. After playing, you will only have two active sessions left. This helps to ensure all members have access to play time. 

  • Reservations must contain at least two and no more than four players. Do not enter anyone as a partner without confirming with them!

We are very excited about this system as there are many benefits to our community. This is the same system used successfully by the Villages Bocce Club. We have attached a user’s guide that will help you to learn how to use the system. However, it’s very straightforward and easy to use. This should help to alleviate reservation issues our members have had.

Contact vgcc_pb_yourcourts@googlegroups.com,  with any immediate questions.

Please be understanding during the initial implementation while we work out any growing pains!

If you already have a YourCourts account set up for Bocce or a different club with the same email, you have two options:

  1. If you use the same password, you will be prompted with a list of clubs that that your account has access. You can choose which club you want to access for that session.
  2. If you prefer to use two different passwords, your access is controlled by the password you enter.

Thank you,
The Villages Pickleball Board

Hello from our new President!

On Sunday evening April 5th,  we quietly transitioned to our 2020/2021 pickleball year.

I was hoping to have a bigger event, but the San Jose Symphony was Dr y sequestered, and the fireworks were canceled because of the rain.
Our club is special. We’re going to have a great year.
I’m very grateful to serve with a super team of our members who have volunteered to serve on the board, and/or as committee chairpersons.
Construction of our new courts are going to be delayed along with the rest of our lives. We’ll keep you informed as to the progress of events to obtain approval to construct the courts.
My goals for the year are simple:
Continue to support the fundraising and publicity activities related to the construction of the new courts
Provide a smooth transition for play on the new courts
Provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for our players, especially for our new players.
Offer a variety of tournament and social opportunities for our members
Provide instruction and assistance for new players in our sport.
There is no way I can adequately express my appreciation for our members who made the club such a great success last year. Larry Martinson in his message thanked the key players who made last year such a great success. I can only second his praise.
I want to again recognize and thank Larry Martinson for his outstanding year, and of course, we would all be lost without Anahid’s
support and assistance.
Larry Martinson was an outstanding president. He was the right man for the job at the right time.
Stay safe. Be healthy. Say Hi as we pass on our daily walks.
Bill Pomeranz