New Courts are open and they’re beautiful!

The new Pickleball Courts opened today. A remarkable and beautiful addition to the Villages! Thanks to all the groups, donors, Villagers, Villages Club Board, and Staff that worked so hard to make this a reality!


Today the Pickleball Courts open for same household singles play. We all hope we can expand play early next year.

PLEASE – be very careful when leaving the new Pickleball golf cart parking lot and use extreme caution when crossing the streets to and from the new courts.

Residents will not be used to the increased traffic in that area and we want all to be safe. Public Safety will increase its presence in the area to bolster safety efforts as well.
Happy Pickleball day for singles play from the same household!
Bill Pomeranz, President

Please send David Cook ( your best pictures for inclusion here on the website.

Player Limits back in force!

The latest State/County Health Orders put us back into limiting the players for Pickleball, Tennis, and Bocce.

Under these orders only members of two households can play at any time, and must stay on one side of the net. This puts us back into playing singles, doubles limited to two households, or Australian rules. Please see the statement from Club Board President, Mike Falarski below.

Many thanks to Mary Tatum who has spent two weeks attempting to get a variance from State and County officials . Regretfully we were just notified by the County our request for a variance was denied based on the County’s legal team’s recommendations. Effective Monday, The Villages is requiring us to regress to these rules. All reservations for Monday or later with more than two households will be cancelled.

As you can see the contractor is making terrific progress on our new courts. Depending on the availability of city inspections, we may get use of the courts around Thanksgiving time. I can’t wait.

Stay safe,
Bill Pomeranz, President

Message from Club Board President Mike Falarski:  

The Villages was made aware of a discrepancy in the number of households that can play together for tennis, pickleball and bocce.  Previously up to four different households were playing on a court at one time.  It was discovered that the State indicated only singles could play on a court while the County said two households could play on a court.   The Community Activities office has spent the past two weeks requesting clarification from the State and County public health officials as they pertain to tennis, pickleball and bocce.  A variance was requested last week to allow up to four households to play together providing all other public health order requirements were met.  Unfortunately, on Tuesday November 10, The Villages received word that the variance was denied.

Effective Monday, November 16, tennis, pickleball and bocce may only have two households playing per court.
Example – Tom and Mary Smith can play Joe and Sally Jones, or Mary Smith can play Sally Jones, or Tom and Mary Smith can play Joe Jones.

It is a regression back to when the courts were first able to open.  The Villages is aware other businesses offering these amenities may be operating outside of public health order compliance.  The Villages is obligated to follow the State and County health public health orders and follow the more restrictive of the two.  If these orders are willfully not followed by The Villages, there are legal and liability coverage consequences.

The public health orders can and do change.  We diligently keep abreast of current information.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to still get outside and find a friend or neighbor to play bocce, tennis or pickleball with.

Villages Pickleball Groundbreaking – August 7, 2020

Current and Past Club Presidents:  Bill Pomeranz, Steve Williams, Larry Martinson, Nancy Keane, Garry Gray

Current and Past Presidents and Pickleball Ad Hoc Committee Members Bev Poellot and David Cook (other Committee members not pictured – Anahid Gregg, Mike Falarski, Ken Brooks, Howie Blumstein)

New PIckleball Court Scheduler

The Villages Pickleball Club will be using an online reservation system from that is going live on Thursday, August 13th. Your account has been created, using your email address as your login and “Villager” as your password. You will be required to change your password the first time you log into the system. 

NOTE: All signups done in the current system this week will be transferred to  Do not sign up using YourCourts prior to Thursday! 

All signup restrictions previously announced are in place effective for any reservations made for Monday, August 17th and later.

  • Players can only play once per day.
  • Players can only play 5 times per week.
  • Players can only have 3 active reservations (regardless of whether you make the reservation or someone lists you as a player).

Example: If you are playing Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, you will not be able to play (or be listed on a reservation) until after you play on Monday. After playing, you will only have two active sessions left. This helps to ensure all members have access to play time. 

  • Reservations must contain at least two and no more than four players. Do not enter anyone as a partner without confirming with them!

We are very excited about this system as there are many benefits to our community. This is the same system used successfully by the Villages Bocce Club. We have attached a user’s guide that will help you to learn how to use the system. However, it’s very straightforward and easy to use. This should help to alleviate reservation issues our members have had.

Contact,  with any immediate questions.

Please be understanding during the initial implementation while we work out any growing pains!

If you already have a YourCourts account set up for Bocce or a different club with the same email, you have two options:

  1. If you use the same password, you will be prompted with a list of clubs that that your account has access. You can choose which club you want to access for that session.
  2. If you prefer to use two different passwords, your access is controlled by the password you enter.

Thank you,
The Villages Pickleball Board

Farewell from Outgoing President Larry Martinson

Today April 5th. Sunday was to be the final meeting of our fiscal year and the election of our new officers/social. So it’s my duty and honor to pass the gavel to our newly elected President Bill Pomeranz and his board on this special day. Even though we are not allowed to gather in person, I do want to recognize this in writing.

I would like to thank my 2019-2020 club board. Going into my year as President, my goals were:
1. Maintain an active vibrant Club and grow the membership by 35 members. Thanks to my membership chair Ginny Spencer, I believe we came very close to achieving that goal.
2. Achieve a successful community vote on the Pickleball new courts project. This goal has been delayed do the Coronavirus but we are confident still that once we are able to vote, it will be passed. Our past president Garry Grey continuers to be the pulse of this project goal.
3. Continue to raise funds via EVF to build the courts. Again Garry Grey who is also a member of the EVF board has been very inspirational in obtaining EVF matching funds to our club fundraising.
4. Have the 2nd annual Pickle Up July 16th-Aug. 1, 2019. Thank you Joe Spada for chairing that very successful project. We obtained a lot of new members as a result of this program.
5. Continue to support our Pickleball Web Site. Thanks to David Cook assisted by Anahid Greg, our website has expanded into a very newsie wonderful website where you can enjoy article content, pictures and also sign up for up coming events.
6. Continue to have club fundraising projects. Thanks to Anahid Gregg and Sheryl Ruth, working alongside EVF, raised over $5,000 on a very Fun Pickleball Prohibition Speakeasy and Casino night. Everyone had a Blast at this very successful party/fundraiser.
7. Have Pickleball Club articles in every edition of the Villager. This would have been an almost impossible goal to achieve but thanks to Linda Eige, we had articles in at least 75% of the Villagers newspaper. She did a phenomenal job with great pictures and articles through out the year.
8. Hold three fun and successful tournaments. Sheryl Ruth our tournament chair would have reached this goal if we could have had our final tournament yesterday which had to be canceled due to our Sheltering in place. She created some fun new takes on tournaments and we all were winners because of her hard work.
9. The Casino night took the place of our goal for a 2nd annual Holiday Club members party and I want to thank Robyn and Sheryl our social Co-Chairs for making this a very successfully social year for our members.
10. Maintain our borrowed tennis courts 5 & 6. Frank Houghton was our maintenance guy with the special yellow tape making sure the courts looked sharp. It’s a lot of work and you did a great job Frank.
I also want to thank my Vice President Bill Pomeranz who was always there to run a meeting in my absence. He also took the newbies from the Pickle Up program and got them playing every Sunday morning. He will be a great President moving forward. Thanks to my secretary Kathi Ashby and her assistant Anahid Gregg for always making sure we had the proper minutes from each meeting. Betty Olsen my treasure who always paid our bills on time and collected and kept track of our dues and accounting. Thank you Betty. David Cook who not only is our web guy but also gave reports from the Pickleball Ad Hoc committee at our board meetings. Mike Walias is the best Pickleball teacher in our club and he did another great job teaching our new prospective members on Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:00 P.M. Thank you Garry Grey for being my advisor and sounding block when I needed it through out the year. 
Finally, I would like to thank a person that I would have given the MVP award for the year! Anahid Gregg (Ms Pickleball) does literally everything for our club. She always has the clubs best interest in mind and isn’t afraid to take charge when she sees something needs to be done to better our club. You are the most energetic and talented volunteer I have ever worked with and you make us a better club!
I now Pass the gavel to our new President Bill Pomeranz and his board!



Larry Martinson

Upcoming Events


The Pickleball courts opened on June 8th on a limited basis. See the new rules and make a court reservation!
Pickleball is back! The first players to hit the courts were Dave Roberts and Alex Shtarker on court 5, with Bob Shuck and Jim Valenti on court 6.


PB Courts Key Dates:

Bids returned:   April 17th
Club Board vote on funding:  May 26 – Club Approves funding Project subject to Membership Vote
Membership Vote Ballots Distributed – starting May 30th
Membership Voting Period:  May 30 – June 29th
Video “Roundtable Meeting” in lieu of Town Hall Meeting:    Now Playing (below) and on Resident Portal (and Channel 27 starting June 9th)
Club Membership Vote results:    June 29th    


The Villages Pickleball Courts Roundtable
(video presentation)
Script of the Roundtable video – lots of good information
Pickleball – A Great Sport For Seniors
Is Pickleball the Perfect Sport for the Pandemic?



Pickleball Prohibition Speakeasy & Casino Night

The Villages Cotton Club(house) was packed on Halloween night with 1920’s glamour. Flappers, stars and gangsters danced the night away. Bankrolls were cashed in for chips at “Pickle’s Place” and there were rumors of bootleg cocktails.

A great time was had by all at the Pickleball Prohibition Speakeasy & Casino Night, organized with the joint efforts of the Villages Pickleball Club and the Evergreen Village Foundation. An event of this size requires many hours of planning and many volunteers. A huge thank you to all that made this successful fundraiser happen!

Check out all the photos on the Photos page!

Our pickleball club is a supportive and inclusive group. Come join us. We play on tennis courts 5 and 6, the smaller pickleball courts are marked with yellow tape. The wonderful Mike Walias volunteers his expertise every Wednesday and Friday from 1-1:30 to introduce and instruct new players on the basics of the game. No need to sign up, just show up! Wear comfortable clothes and court shoes.