2019 Inter-Club Bocce and Pickleball Tournaments

We are delighted to announce that we will be having reciprocal tournaments between the Village Bocce Club and the Villages Pickleball Club, just as we did last year. It was fun in 2018 and this year should be even better.

The 1st tournament between the two clubs will be on Saturday, August 17th from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at the bocce courts. Refreshments will be provided. Players for the Bocce tournament can register on the club’s website, www.villagesbocceclub.com.

The free pickleball tournament will be on Sunday, August 25, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. This will be a very casual tournament, and you can play as many games as you want. Refreshments will be provided. If you want to play in that event, please register online at www.villagespickleball.org or sign up at the tennis shack.

If you’re new to bocce, you can attend the Bocce Bashes on Fridays at 3pm at the Bocce Courts. 

If you are a new or inexperienced pickleball player, you have several opportunities to learn the game from a Pickleball Club instructor:  Half-hour lessons are available to all Villagers every Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 on Courts 5 and 6. No registration is required.

Paddles and balls are provided at all pickleball sessions.  Please wear non-marking court shoes. Observers are welcome.

Signup for Pickleball Tournament

Signup for the Bocce Tournament

Thank You, Sherry and Robyn!

What could be more fun than getting 40 pickle ball players out on a sunny day for a team tournament?!!! We really enjoyed setting up the play. It started with a very competitive captain’s draft featuring Mike Walias, Mark Greg, Alex Shtarker, and Norm Krishna. Congratulations to Mike’s team (yellow) coming in 1st and Alex’s team coming in 2nd … good competitive games from everyone.

Special thanks to Frank Houghton, our A #1 court manager, and his crew who taped the courts for play. And, to Sandy Mausling who handled check-in. And, to Dennis Cullen, our master scorekeeper. And, to Robyn for a great job with the courtside refreshments. And, to David Cook who set up our registration and sent out countless emails. You are all the best!

Can I say that pickle ball players are the friendliest group? We enjoyed meeting new members and they felt warmly received by all. Can’t wait until the next tournament!

Sherry & Robyn

2019 Spring Team Tournament Results

First Place – Yellow Team

Sherry Benz             Fred Mathias            Greg Stewart

Mike Falarski            Richard McKee        Mike Walias*

Judi Falarski              Kelly Murphy

Dave Hathaway        Bob Shuck

Second Place – Blue Team

David Cook              Bob Iacopi                  Alex Shtarker*

Linda Eige                Bob Mandell             Wayne Weiler

Anahid Gregg          Ray Mausling

Anna Hewitt            Lon Olson

Third Place – Green Team

Tom Dyko                Joyce Kludt                 David Roberts

Bonnie Evans          Jim Koski                    Bruce Wallace

Frank Houghton    Norman Krishna*

Gail Keck                   Larry Martinson

Fourth Place – Red Team

Kay Gray                  Donald Kludt                 Kevin Prest

Garry Gray               Dan Murphy                 Robyn Siebenthall

Mark Gregg*           Trish O’Neill

Bill Johnston            John Pabst

* = Captain


“Undefeateds” – did not lose a match

Mark Gregg

Fred Mathis

Bob Shuck

Greg Stewart

2018 Fall Tournament Winners

Novice Round-robin  first place team was Bob Shuck and Vera Hutton with Ralph Lentzner and Melinda Dobbs coming in second.

First place Novice team Bob Shuck and Vera Hutton

Second Place Novice team Ralph Lentzner and Melinda Dobbs

Flight 1 winners were Anahid and Mark Gregg with Debbie and Danny Kirwan winning the consolation round. Gail Keck, Anna Hewitt, Kevin Prest and Norm Krishna were finalists.

Flight 1 Winners Mark and Anahid Gregg

Flight 1 Consolation Round Winners -Danny and Debbie Kirwan

Flight 1 Finalists Gail Keck, Anna Hewitt

Flight 1 Finalists Norm Krishna and Kevin Prest

Flight 2 winners were Sherry Benz and Terry Holmquist with Kathi Ashby and Joe Militello winning the consolation round. Larry and Julie Henig along with Bob Flesher and Kamini Patwari were finalists.


Flight 2 winners wereTerry Holmquist and Sherry Benz 

Flight 2 Consolation Round Winners Kathi Ashby and Joe Militello

Flight 2 Finalists Larry and Julie Henig

{Sorry No Photo Available}

Flight 2 Finalists Bob Flesher and Kamini Patwari

Special Thanks to Betty Olsen, Tournament Director and the many volunteers who put on a great event.

Pickleball Club vs Bocce Club – Pickleball’s Revenge!


Revenge is SWEET!!! Another “just for fun” Pickleball Club/Bocce Club tournament took place on Sunday, September 9th at tennis courts 5 & 6. This time we all played pickleball and the Pickleball Club got the win. The final score for this tournament was 23 to 7.


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Pickleball/Bocce Interclub Tournament – 5August2018

Pickleball/Bocce Tournament Photos

On Sunday, August 5th the Pickleball Club was ambushed by a friendly, fun loving group of Bocce Club members.  Over 40 Villagers from both clubs gathered at the Bocce courts for a “just for fun” Bocce tournament.  The Bocce Club won 9 out of 10 games but everyone had a great time and made many new friends.  Wonderful food and drink were provided by the Bocce Club.  We appreciate all their hard work.  Guess what?  Next month the Bocce Club will be playing pickleball….maybe we can get even?????

 The Pickleball/Bocce Exchange Tournament will take place on Sunday, September 9th at tennis courts 5 and 6 from 3-6pm.  Hope members of both clubs will once again turn out for another fun event.  If you are a member of either club and have not signed up you may do so on the Pickleball Club or Bocce Club websites. Please do so by August 30th.  The event is free for all who participate.  A big thank you goes to Bob Iacopi for organizing these tournaments!

Bocce Club/ Pickleball Club Reciprocal Exchange Tournaments


Update:  The Tournaments and Training/Practice Schedules have been set:
Bocce/Pickleball Tournaments Composite Schedule

Sign up Now!


I want to tell you about an exciting upcoming event.  In an effort to make Pickleball more visible in The Villages, Bob Iacopi has reached out to the Bocce Club to arrange a reciprocal exchange/tournament.  Basically the way this will work is that Pickleball Club members wiil have a couple of opportunities to learn bocce and then will have a fun bocce tournament.  Then the Bocce Club members will have a couple of opportunities to learn pickleball and then have a fun pickleball tournament. 
The first opportunity for bocce training is this Wednesday, June 20 at the monthly Bocce Clinic at 3:00.  The next opportunity is June 29th for the Bocce Bootcamp at 2:00.  Our third opportunity will be July 15th dedicated to pickleball players at 3:00 pm.  I encourage everyone to attend one, two or all of these sessions!  Bob will be there to provide any assistance required.
Our Pickleball Club Bocce tournament is August 5 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.
Bocce Club members will be encouraged to attend one or more of our Wednesday /Fridays  drop in sessions and Bob will try to arrange a Saturday training session for Bocce players who work or otherwise can not make a drop in session.
The Bocce Club Pickleball tournament will be held September 9th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm on courts 5 & 6.
Both the tournaments are going to be social events and we hope members of both clubs will attend both tournaments.   There will not be any fees to participate and we will not be giving awards. 
Watch for more details and contact Bob Iacopi with any questions or concerns at

Spring Fling Pickleball Tournament Results

[Villager article by Terry Holmquist]

On a blistering hot day, thirty eight players turned out to heat up the courts even more.  

The annual Spring Fling was held at 1:00 PM, June 3rd on the tennis courts.   Audience and participants called it a resounding success.   We had plenty of wonderful snacks with water and Gatorade to cool everyone down and supply the players with energy.    

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