Court Scheduling Rules

Pickleball Club Rules (aligned with Villages Mandated Rules)

Use only:

Only Onix 2 Pure Pickleballs are allowed to be used in The Villages. Balls are available for sale from the club at a discounted price (we buy in bulk and pass all savings on to members). Three compliant balls cost $16.98 from Pickleball Central (with shipping, tax & the club discount). Members can purchase balls for $2.50 each (billed to your house number), non-members pay $12.50 for 3 balls. No other brand or model of balls may be used in The Villages. This is to ensure compliance with the sound levels required by the City of San Jose. More info on balls is in this form.

Players sign up for courts utilizing Accounts can be requested at this link.

Using YourCourts for Pickleball Reservations