Court Scheduling Rules

Villages Mandated Pickleball Rules:
(downloadable by clicking the “down arrow” in the viewer)
Pickleball Rules-June 7th

Pickleball Club Rules (aligned with Villages Mandated Rules)

Use only:

A household will be guveb one ball from the club. Additional balls will be available for sale from the club. Three compliant balls cost $16.98 from Pickleball Central (with shipping, tax & the club discount). You can purchase balls for $3.50 each (billed to your house number)! If you have purchased balls in the past they cannot be used, until they are approved by Anahid. She will mark the balls appropriately as approved balls. The reason for this is to ensure compliance with the sound levels required by the City of San Jose. More info on balls is in this form

Players will sign up for courts utilizing the online reservation system (no more paper signups in the Tennis Shack).

Using YourCourts for Pickleball Reservations

There must be at least 30 minutes of open time between reservations to allow players to exit and enter the courts without traffic through the gates.  For example:  If you reserve 10:30 am stop play and leave at 11:30 am.    If you Reserve play at 12:00 then stop play at 1:00. and leave,  etc.

Joint Tennis Club and Pickleball Club Court Committee Rules
The rules proposed by the Joint Tennis Club and Pickleball Club Court Committee  and approved by the Tennis Club Board are as follows:
Courts: Use courts 5 and 6 only
Court time: 9:00 am and later

Court time sign up:

Scheduling on the online scheduler can only be done SEVEN days minus 60 minutes in advance! 

At Saturday noon, a reservation can be made for the next Saturday at 11:00 am
When signing up, please make sure to enter all the players who will be using the court.