Filling in a Pickleball Application

Anyone wanting to use the Pickleball Courts must fill in an application. Fill in the membership application here – , then fill in a YourCourts application for access to our registration system –
There are two types of membership :

  • Non-Member Residents do not pay an annual fee, but can use the courts
  • Members pay an annual fee of $15.00 per year. Membership has certain advantages:
    • Participate in level specific group play
    • Reserving a court 7 days in advance vs 5 days for non-members
    • Use of Pickleball Ball machine for $10 per year, $5 for key (registration coming soon!)
    • Participate in club tournaments
    • Attend Club social events
    • Free unlimited lessons with the use of club owned paddles that you can try before you buy  (contact Mike Walias at

Filling in the Membership Application:
All fields with an asterisk need to be filled in.

  • If you do not have a paddle, enter N/A. If you do have a paddle, check to see if it’s listed on the Villages Approved Paddle list –  Per the City of San Jose, all paddles used at the Villages must be listed here.
  • Select the appropriate value for “Verified that your paddle is Legal?”
  • For the Captcha field, total the fun shown above, and enter in the box.
    In this case, 2+3 = 5, so enter 5 in the field, then click Submit.
  • Once submitted, scroll up – the success message below will be displayed:

Sample Form: