Lost and Found

Have you misplaced something? Have you found something?
The Pickleball Club now has a container on the left side of the shed. This serves a few purposes:

  • Items left on the court may be placed in here for use as a Lost and Found. If you send email to pickleballvgcc@gmail.com, we will keep a list of items on our webpage (below: include a photo if you can).
    Please send an email if you pick up an item so we can remove it from the list!
  • There are 4 approved paddles available in the box, first come/first served for play. These paddles are only to be used for the timeslot you are signed up for (90 minute duration) and must be placed back in the box at the conclusion of play. Please do not remove them from our courts!
  • A current copy of the Approved Paddle list is also inside, along with a First Aid Kit.
  • Please make sure to put the top back on the container and latch it securely shut when done.