Pickleball Club Application

Pickleball Club Membership is open to all Villages residents. We welcome all levels of players to join us and enjoy Pickleball throughout the year. Membership is not required to use the courts, but registration here and on our reservation system is. Each resident needs to submit their own application.  You will then be contacted with information on how to sign up for our court registration system. 

Membership fees:

Regular membership: $15/year
Ball machine: $10/year
Ball machine training  & key: $5 (One-time charge)

All fees will be charged to your House Account.

Annual renewals of club membership will be billed automatically in January unless you opt out (which you can do at any time).

Member vs Non-Member Resident benefits:

  • Unlimited participation in level specific group play
  • Use of Pickleball Ball machine for $10 per year, $5 for key (not billed until you complete training and receive your key)
  • Participate in club tournaments
  • Attend Club social events
  • Free unlimited lessons with the use of club owned paddles that you can try before you buy  (contact Mike Walias at mjw0275@yahoo.com)
All items with an asterisk must be completed! Your application is not submitted until you see the a success message when you scroll to the bottom of the page. Your account will be completed within 72 hours.

Membership Application