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If you want to see additional information about a member (e.g. like their contact information to set up a game) then click on their first name.  To see their information you must supply the club password supplied to you when you joined.  If you have mislaid it, then please send an email to David Cook or Ginny Spencer and we will send you the password.

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First NameLast NameActive Player?Rank?Membership Status?Bill for Ball Machine Key?
Lawrence Chin Yes Member
Anna Biggs No Member
Julie Plott Yes Beginner Member
David Hathaway Yes Member
Diane Finley No Member
Gail Tuft Yes Intermediate Member
Igor Alexandrow No Member
Delma Juarez No Beginner Member
Mike Tuft Yes Intermediate Member
Dolores Escobar No Member
Gil Ong Yes Beginner Member
Theresa Nguyen No Member
Steve Gilbert Yes Novice Member
Sally McClure No Member
Marilyn Goldsmith No Member
Leo Ruth No Beginner Member
Linda Eige Yes Member
Joyce Kludt Yes Novice Member
Jeanne Eige Yes Beginner Member
Mary Stowers No Member