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Due to popular demand, The Villages Pickleball Club is taking another round of ordering for Pickleball Shirts – AND we’ve added some Club accessories!

Date Extended – All orders must be placed by March 18th!! After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the items ordered and the amount due. 

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Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ coach – Big on Pickleball

“In three to four years, pickleball will be bigger than golf and it won’t even be close,” Haney said. (We didn’t fact check that claim, but the 100-plus pickleball courts at The Villages, America’s largest retirement community, are a sure indicator that the game is enjoying a Golden Age.) “If you have a retirement community in the U.S. and you don’t have a pickleball court, you might as well be out of business.”

Here’s why Hank Haney was at the PGA Show preaching the gospel of… pickleball?

New Pickleball Court Reservation Sign-up Rules – Effective 1Feb 2019

Effective February 1, 2019 Pickleball will be able to sign up at the shack 7 days plus 90 minutes. The TC Board met January 22nd and voted unanimously for the change you see below.

When signing up to play Pickleball on courts 5 and 6, you may sign up 7 days plus 90 minutes in advance. Effectively, if you play at regular times, you can sign up at the end of your session for the following week. 

Example:  If you plan to play pickleball on Friday, February 8th, at 10:30 am the soonest you could sign up is February 1st at 12 pm.   To play on February 15th at 10:30 you would sign up on February 8th at 12 pm. (90 minutes after your scheduled play time).

  It’s always 7 days plus 90 minutes after your scheduled play time. 

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2018 Fall Tournament Winners

Novice Round-robin  first place team was Bob Shuck and Vera Hutton with Ralph Lentzner and Melinda Dobbs coming in second.

First place Novice team Bob Shuck and Vera Hutton

Second Place Novice team Ralph Lentzner and Melinda Dobbs

Flight 1 winners were Anahid and Mark Gregg with Debbie and Danny Kirwan winning the consolation round. Gail Keck, Anna Hewitt, Kevin Prest and Norm Krishna were finalists.

Flight 1 Winners Mark and Anahid Gregg

Flight 1 Consolation Round Winners -Danny and Debbie Kirwan

Flight 1 Finalists Gail Keck, Anna Hewitt

Flight 1 Finalists Norm Krishna and Kevin Prest

Flight 2 winners were Sherry Benz and Terry Holmquist with Kathi Ashby and Joe Militello winning the consolation round. Larry and Julie Henig along with Bob Flesher and Kamini Patwari were finalists.


Flight 2 winners wereTerry Holmquist and Sherry Benz 

Flight 2 Consolation Round Winners Kathi Ashby and Joe Militello

Flight 2 Finalists Larry and Julie Henig

{Sorry No Photo Available}

Flight 2 Finalists Bob Flesher and Kamini Patwari

Special Thanks to Betty Olsen, Tournament Director and the many volunteers who put on a great event.

Pickleball Club vs Bocce Club – Pickleball’s Revenge!


Revenge is SWEET!!! Another “just for fun” Pickleball Club/Bocce Club tournament took place on Sunday, September 9th at tennis courts 5 & 6. This time we all played pickleball and the Pickleball Club got the win. The final score for this tournament was 23 to 7.


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Scheduling Courts 5 & 6 for Pickleball

To make sure you use the Pickleball Scheduler correctly (and also reserve the courts using the Tennis Court clipboards), please read the procedure on the web page Pickleball Scheduler [Will be updated to reflect the new advance reservation rule on February 1, 2019]

Please make sure you do not sign up more than five days in advance for Pickleball courts in the Tennis Shack. [Changes to seven days and 90 minutes in advance on February 1, 2019]
Also, please observe “court etiquette” and do not enter a Tennis Court until tennis players have completed their game.

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