Pickleball “Designated Participants”

The Villages is requiring us to implement the following changes to the “Monitor” system, starting Monday, August 24th. I’ve attached a sample of the form to this email, indicating what needs to be filled out.

  1. “Monitors” will now be called “Designated Participants”, because Pickleball is now considered a “gathering”.
  2. Designated Participants will pick up the Pickleball clipboard at the Tennis Shack.
  3. The clipboard has one double-sided Gatherings Participant Form and one registration printout for each time slot.
  4. Designated Participants must verify that all attendees have a checkmark next to their name, and any no-shows are crossed off. All players must be on the printed list in order to play! No substitutes!
  5. The designated participant will ask the group:
    “Does anyone now or in the last 14 have any of the CDC Recognized COVID-19  symptoms noted at the entry gate.”
    If any answer yes, they are to be asked to leave.
  6. The Designated Participant then fills out the top portion (four lines) of the form and signs the back of the form.
  7. At the conclusion of play, drop the both the Reservation page and the Gathering form off in the box attached to the wall outside Building B.
  8. All prior monitor rules are still in place – all players use hand sanitizer entering and leaving the courts, wear masks while entering and leaving the courts, and that they stayed six feet apart at all times – no different than before.

As per the Villages: “Designated Participants are volunteers and are covered under The Villages General Liability Umbrella.  If they are doing what is asked of them, then there is not an issue.  If the duties are disregarded by the Designated Participant, then they can be held liable.  If a court’s user disregards the host’s directive, that should be noted on the form and the participant could be held liable.”

We greatly appreciate everything you are doing – if it were not for you, we wouldn’t be playing Pickleball, so THANK YOU! Any questions, feel free to email me.

Thank you,

Anahid Avakian Gregg


Tennis Pickleball Bocce Ball and Other Outdoor Gatherings Host Form - COVID-19 Public Health Order Compliance v3