Pickleball Pledge


Here is your opportunity to contribute to the future of Pickleball!

There is an ongoing PLEDGE Project to build dedicated Pickleball Courts here at the Villages. A Pledge is a solemn promise or agreement to do something.  The Pickleball Club’s goal is to raise a minimum of $110,000 in pledges.

Pledge fulfillment will be expected within 30 days after the VGCC Board approves the Pickleball Courts project. This means you need not write a check at this time.  Please consider completing the attached form below and submit it to the “Pickleball box” in the Cribari Center.

The Evergreen Foundation, who is collecting the funds we pledge, is a 401c3 charity. As such, donations are tax deductible. Additionally, if you have access to a matching funds program, you can double your gift by using it!

Questions? Contact the Finance Committed for more information!

Garry Gray
Nancy Keane
Norm Krishna
Dave Roberts
Steve Williams
Don Jackson – EVF  Advisor