Pickleball Scheduler (old)

NOTE: You must still sign up at the Tennis Shack
(so Tennis players know when you are playing).

– Scheduling at the Tennis Shack can only be done FIVE days in advance!

– Pickleball can be scheduled in 90 minute intervals beginning at 10:30 AM

For detailed directions on how to use the Calendar tool, see below – “How to Schedule Pickleball Games”

(Click here for a full-screen version of the Scheduler)

How to Schedule Pickleball Games

Each participant who wants to use the Pickleball Scheduler calendar can use this link to access the Pickleball Calendar. The calendar is for informational purposes only, to allow other players to see who is using the courts.
You still need to sign up at the Tennis Shack!

A few common courtesy requests:

  • Each week, we will sign up Wednesday and Friday drop-in Pickleball (1:30 to 3 PM on Courts 5 and 6) on the Tennis Shack clipboards (across from the tennis courts by the air station). These times are indicated as “DROP IN PICKLEBALL” on the Scheduler. Please do not modify these entries!
  • Other than drop-in times, players must still sign up on the clipboards in the Tennis Shack. Time is reserved in 90 minute increments
  • Please only schedule five days in advance in the Tennis Shack
    NOTE: Until May 1st, you can play at 10:45 if no one is already playing tennis on 5 & 6. Please make sure to sign up after the fact if you play at this time. After May 1st you can sign up at 10:30.
  • Please do not overwrite anyone else’s entry on the Scheduler
  • If you are looking for additional players, enter your name and put OPEN with level, so others can join in. 
  1. Simply click on the calendar above to schedule your time!

  2. Click once on the time you want to Schedule, and a popup window will appear. Click on the “Title” box to enter players names, and the drop down arrow for the Calendar to choose the correct court to schedule:

  3. Enter the names of the people who you want to schedule in the TITLE box (not the Who field), and click Save:

  4. You will be returned to the Scheduler and your names will be displayed in the Calendar! 🙂

In this example, you can see multiple people have scheduled:

  • Anahid, Mark, Gail, Steve and Mike are scheduled to play at 1:30 on Court 5 on  Tuesday, March 1st
  • An advanced group has scheduled from 3:30 to 6 PM on Courts 5 and 6 on Wednesday, March 2nd
  • Drop-in Open Pickleball is scheduled to play 1:30 on Courts 5 and 6 on Wednesday, March 2nd – and should not be overwritten!