PIckleball Tips

It’s never too early to start working on strategy! We have lots of tips to share, but here is a top ten to get started:
  1. Never run backwards to get a ball. This is the easiest way to get injured. Turn and run back or shuffle sideways to avoid trips or falls!
  2. Warm up before playing. Pickleball is active; stretch for a few minutes first to warm up muscles and avoid injury
  3. Get your serve in. It’s better to have a soft serve; then develop lobs, fast serves and slices later. If you practice during a game and miss your spot, you lose the opportunity to score points
  4. Keep the volley going. Sure, it’s fun to slam a ball into your opponents face – but if you hit the net, you’ve just lost the point. Be patient – the perfect opportunity will arise
  5. Get to the net. The most effective place to stand is close to the kitchen line. You can volley, smash and dink from here. Standing far back (except on the initial volley) encourages your opponent to “dink” it over the net – hitting a shot you cannot reach
  6. Keep your eye on the ball. Like all paddle sports, keeping your eye on the ball at all times allows you to hit more accurately. Also, it’s a good reason not to run backwards… too easy to trip while looking up at a high lob coming towards you!
  7. Communicate with your partner. If your partner is watching the ball, they may not realize a shot is going out of bounds. Remember – praise them when they make a great shot!
  8. Learn to dink. Being able to just tap the ball over the net when a hot volley is going is priceless
  9. We all make bad shots – don’t dwell on them and psych yourself out!
  10. And finally… stay calm. Remember the TV show Kung Fu? Focus, Grasshopper!

Source:  Villager article by Anahid Gregg