Requesting a Guest Account

Guest accounts have slightly different permissions in YourCourts, and are requested differently than resident accounts. Simply click the Register Now button below to fill in one form, where you can request multiple guest accounts at once.
Note: Guest accounts are defined as individuals who do not reside at the Villages.

  • All guest accounts are identified with the letter “G” before their host’s house number.
    EX: Gregg – G3213.
  • Guests may be added to your reservations at 12:00 noon or later, but cannot participate in demo or instructional play sessions.
  • Per Villages rules, guests may only play when their resident host is present.
  • Please list all guests who play on the reservation (up to 8 people can be listed on a reservation).
  • Per the City of San Jose, all guests must use paddles on the approved paddle list. We have four approved paddles available for use in the storage box to the left of the Pickleball shed.

Accounts will be created within 72 hours.
Questions? Sent email to