Social Drop-In Play

We currently have Dink-n-Drink social gatherings once each month from Spring to Fall but these gatherings require a lot of preparation for the food, drink, and coordination.

As an additional alternative, we are now adding a new Social Drop-In play gathering once each month from Spring to Fall.   The Drop-in sessions would be held on the last (non-holiday) Friday of each month.  The Dink-n-Drink and Social Drop-In sessions would not conflict with one another.

We will have the FIRST trial run for the Social Drop-In on Friday, April 29th.  If this is successful, then we continue to have the monthly sessions.  To help determine if there are going to be enough people to play, then we would appreciate if people would sign-up for the play for the 4:30 timeslots, so that we get an idea of how many people want to participate in the drop-in play.  We will also start play with the first 4 people who sign up for each court.  If the courts reservations get full for the sign-ups, then don’t worry, everyone will still get to play, as the sign-ups are just for the PB Club to know if enough people will be playing or not.

All levels can play (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced-Intermediate and Advanced) and all courts will be reserved (blocked off for normal play) at 4:30 thru 7:30 on last Friday of month.

Players put their paddles on the fence outside of each court for play queues for the level of play that they think is appropriate for their skill level:

  • Court #1 – Novice players
  • Court #2 – Intermediate players
  • Court #3 – Advanced-Intermediate players
  • Court #4 – Advanced players

Players will rotate in and out of the courts depending upon how many additional players are waiting to play.  If there are players waiting in the queues, then the games will be scored up to 7 points, after the first team reaches 7 points, then 1, 2, 3 or 4 players will rotate into the play on the court depending upon how many paddles are in the queue.

If you have any questions, then you can ask the Group Play Leaders or contact Steve Simler at

Have fun, enjoy the game and be safe!!

Best Regards,