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15October2020 Yipes it the Yips

10September2020 – Warm Up First For Better Pickleball

27August2020 Construction Permits Granted!

20August2020 PB Court Donations

6August2020 Doubles-play Again!

30July2020 The Joy of Pickleball

. 16July2020. 9am Start Times!

9July2020 New Courts Approved!

2July2020 Happy Fourth of July!

25June2020 Pickleball under the new Rules

4June2020 Flyer Distribution

7May2020 Rules Refresher

30April2020 Social Pickleball

16April2020 Message from President Bill Pomeranz

12March2020 Upcoming Pickleball Events

4March2020 Pickleball Spring Smash Tournament

27February2020 Mike Walias – PB Instructor Extraordinaire!

23January2020 In or Out?

12December2019 Pickleball – Ideal for Retirement

28November2019 Pickleball Courts Planning Permit

21November2019 Busy Pickleball Courts

14November2019 Perfect Day for Pickleball

07November2019 Pickleball Prohibition Speakeasy Casino Night

24October2019 The Right Shoes for Pickleball

17October2019 Rules Clarifications

10October2019 Pickleball

03October2019 Tournament News

26September2019 Battle of the Paddles Tournament

19September2019 Pickleball is Social

12September2019 Beginning Pickleball

05September2019 A Big Crowd for two courts

29August2019 Silicon Valley Pickleball Championships

23August2019 Dinking in Pickleball

16August2019 PickleUp Celebrates new Players!

9August2019 Waiting for a Court

2August2019 Bocce vs. Pickleball Tournaments

25July2019 PickleUp!

18July2019 – Fourth of July Parade

11July2019 – USA Pickleball Ambassadors Visit

21June2019 – What’s the Score?

13June2019 – 2019 Pickle Up!

6June2019 – Is It In or Out?

30May 2019 – Start Playing Pickleball

23May2019 – Buyers are Looking for Pickleball

3May2019 – Why You Should Be Playing Pickleball

26 April 2019 – Quiet Paddles

19 April 2019 – What is Pickleball?

12 April 2019 – 2019 Spring Tournament

21 February 2019 Pickleball Ambassadors

16 November 2018 – Pickleball Members 2

26 October 2018 – Pickleball Members