Villages Pickleball Etiquette Guidelines

Safety & Fun First

  • Communicate with your partner regarding play styles; for example, how you handle middle shots, lobs, etc.
  • Call out the score loudly & allow time for your opponent to verify they heard it.
  • Support your teammate & opponents and compliment them when they make good shots.

Accept peoples’ physical limitations and don’t exploit them

  • Honor your partners’ and opponents’ abilities.  
  • Include all players on the court regardless of skill level.
  • If you are the strongest player in your foursome, tone down the competitiveness and hit your opponent’s balls so that they may return them. Practice a new skill such as dinking.

If you and your partner can’t determine if the ball was in or out – or if you disagree with your partner on a line call – the ball is in

  • Do not call the faults that occur on the other side of the net, unless asked to do so. It is the responsibility of the receiver’s side of the net to make the line calls.

Keep your temper!  Abusive language is not allowed.

  • Do not throw your paddle or cause a scene if you think you have been wronged.
  • Do not sacrifice good sportsmanship and integrity for a point.

Most importantly, have a good time and enjoy being active while playing the game with others.